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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 13, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. all right, tonight, a cbs 5 exclusive. we have news even the mayor has been waiting for. what the people say should happen to sheriff ross mirkarimi. >> he bashes birth control and claims he is the real conservative and tonight, voters gave him two more big wins. what rick santorum's latest victories mean for the republican race. >> and it's become a crime epidemic only on 5. you'll see how cell phone thieves set up their unsuspecting victims. >> and we start right now with weather. spring starts next week, but it looks like winter has just begun. much needed rain is falling tonight and roberta says get used to it. >> very well said, dana. good evening, everybody. the same soaking storm we experienced in the north bay is still lingering across portions of the north bay where we have seen over 4 inches of rain. and many locations, like wood acre and also towards the
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kensington area. you have a pretty moderate cell right there containing downpours. eastern portion of our bay area is now raining. oh, upstream there. there we have moderate rain fall just out of kensington. we are experiencing 3 hour and 8 minute delays on some arriving flights. this system will affect your morning commute tomorrow. we'll talk about that, plus storm number two and when to anticipate that system. >> thanks so much. we have weather online all the time, rain or shine. our live high definition interactive radar is always at your fingertips. click on weather. >> and tonight, a cbs 5 exclusive. san franciscoens want sheriff ross mirkarimi to step down. our poll finds a solid majority, 61% want him to resign. less than a third want him to stay in office. and if he doesn't quit, more than half want city leaders to take matters into their own
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hands and force him out. it's the kind of information that the mayor told linda yee he needs before making any decision. >> even after his plea deal, sheriff ross mirkarimi insisted he would not resign. our poll shows the public thinks otherwise. >> he's upholding the law. if he's not breaking it, i don't think the two go together. >> the sheriff insists he can still do the job. that hasn't been the opinion of mayor ed lee. >> obviously i had asked the sheriff to maybe take a voluntary leave so that it wouldn't be connected to the operations to the office and he made his decision not to do so. >> the mayor can suspend mirkarimi for official misconduct. but mirkarimi cannot be fired without an ethics committee recommendation and nine supervisors agreeing. the mayor says he is weighing public opinions. >> i think you should go. >> would it be easier if he just resigned? >> you know, again, that something up to him.
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i do think now we have a different situation here with this plea of guilty for false imprisonment. >> nearly half the people say the prosecution was wrong to let mirkarimi plea down. >> is it worse that it's domestic battery charge? >> you know, in some ways it is not. in some ways it is. >> how so? >> i certainly think, you know, the very reading of the definition of false imprisonment has a lot to do the role of the sheriff. so the question i have to ask is, did they do this out of legal convenience or was there some factual determination made? >> now the mayor did speak to me before our poll results came out tonight. he will decide on whether to suspend mirkarimi after his sentencing next monday. dana. >> all right, linda yee, thank you very much. for moderate republicans, there is deep disappointment in the deep south. evangelicals gave their political blessings to rubbing
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santorum. he squeaked out a victory in a three-way race in mississippi. this is a huge setback from newt gingrich. santorum won in alabama. the presumed front runner, mitt romney, came in third in both states. so now what? what does this all mean? susan is staying up late for us out of birmingham, alabama tonight. susan. >> dana, mitt romney really needed to win these two states. alabama and mississippi to prove that he could connect with the truly conservative voters, the christian conservatives. he needed it to get some long jeffty and stay in. at the end of the day after a tight race that came down to the wire, a three-way dead heat, santorum wins. cbs news projects rick santorum has swept tuesday's primaries in the south. winning both alabama and mississippi. >> we did it again. mitt romney spent the day
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rallying supporters in missouri. looking ahead to saturday's caucuses there. he's calling himself the one guy in the race who can beat president obama. >> he said he cut taxes for middle income americans. your taxes down? don't vote with what the pun dents say. >> santorum took his message directly to evangelical voters in alabama and mississippi leading up to tuesday's primaries. newt gingrich is fighting for the same conservative voters. he spoke about the primary results in birmingham. >> because this is proportional representation, we are going to leave alabama and mississippi with a substantial number of delegates increasing our total going towards tampa. >> gingrich made a big push here in the deep south. he was the only candidate still in town on primary day. trying to sway undecided voters and get supporters to the polls. gingrich must add to his wins in south carolina and georgia to keep his campaign alive. some alabama voters say it is time for him to go. >> i don't think he has a
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chance. >> santorum is also calling on gingrich to get out of the race but if santorum and gingrich continue to split the conservative vote, the primary fight with mitt romney could stretch on. so, today ends with no candidate looking like they are going to step out of this race, but also no clear nominee. day nay, this continues to be a race that is full of surprises. >> very interesting. they are keeping it interesting for us. susan, thank you. the three bay area teenagers have been on a hunger strike for a week now. they went without food to save jobs at their school. tonight, kit doe tells us it worked. the school district agreed to their demands. >> it was standing room only at a san leandro school board meeting tonight. >> agree that this budget is not something we can expect. then i will bring an end to my
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hunger strike knowing the student body will not have to suffer and endure the pain that i have this past week. >> veronica, kay la eli, and rosales have been on a hunger strike. they came to propose the layoff of music teachers, coaches, and librarians. >> i started this with basically asking for their promise to try their hardest. to drive them to want to do their best right now. >> they only had nutritional shakes with water and vitamins. they dropped several pounds. the superintendent says despite four years of deep cuts, the hunger strike got the board's attention. >> i am proud of them for taking a position and fighting the good fight. i am proud of them for doing that, yes. >> and then, a breakthrough. the board president made it crystal clear reserve funds will be used. >> we have already committed to the teachers that we are willing to spend a significant
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portion of that $5.78 reserve to preserve programs and jobs. >> for the teens, the hunger strike is over for now. >> as of right now, at least we got them to agree to use the reserves. that's a small win, i guess you can say. >> in san leandro, cbs 5. >> behave badly at the game, get banned. the push to blacklist fans who cause trouble at pro games. >> and some brazen smart phone robberies. how cell phone thieves set up their unsuspecting victims. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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sporting event... forget about going to another one. going to another one. at least a plan to a professional sporting event, forget about going to another one. at least that's the idea behind a plan to try to stop fan violence. the bill proposed the state assembly, calls for the
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nation's first sports ban list. unruly fans will be blocked from going to professional games anywhere in california for up to five years. but there are some loopholes. and they are big ones. a convict could skirt the law by having friend buy his ticket and a sheriff spokesman admits enforcement could be a big problem. >> how do people know who committed a crime in san diego and is now up at the oakland raider game? >> the proposal would not apply to college or minor league games. it has become a crime epidemic. thieves stealing smart phones and ipods. it's so bad, in fact, that san francisco police have put up posters warning people on buses and trains to be vigilant. tonight, grace lee shows us just how far thieves are willing to go. security cameras catch the action from multiple angles. the target, this woman.
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what does accomplice number one move into position from the back door. accomplice number two in the white shirt right behind him. as the bus driver pulls in for a stop, number two gets up to hold the door open at the same time notice a third accomplice. he joined the others and watch, this is in slow motion as the bus door opens, number three grabs the victim's iphone as she holds on and is dragged to the floor. by the time she gets up, the robbers are gone. now watch it in real time. it happens in just an instant. and this is a bus stop where the band of three thieves were on foot. bus riders are prime targets for smart phone and ipod thieves. they are distracted, listening to music. women are especially vulnerable. so are seniors and the disabled. >> i can only see part of his head. >> he is legally blind and he was waiting at this bus stop with an ipod strapped to his
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left arm when a robber came up from behind. >> and he reached for the ipod and ripped it off my arm. i tried to reach over and get him, but that point he started hitting me. he hit me in the face four or five times and knocked me down. >> seven months later, nu is still recovering from the attack. >> my teeth were broken, jaw was fractured, my neck was injured. >> cbs 5 compiled data that reveals most of the smart phone and ipod robberies in san francisco in the last six months of 2011, involved violence. victims punched, pistol whipped, held up with an ice scraper, even a gun. our investigation revealed what is fueling the epidemic. it's a thriving black market for those phones on the street. district attorney watched our report. >> a female may be selling it. >> it's very hard to enforce this because they move around
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and you can set up a sting operation and make an arrest today and somebody comes in and takes their place. >> that's why he believes it's time for the industry to step in. >> you reported on this before, but a lot of this could be mitigated as the carriers or the demanding factors came up with a very simple technical solution. >> he's talking about a blocking system used in australia that we reported on last month. >> that's a blocking system using the 15 digit number that is attached to every mobile device. someone who steals a phone, that phone is blocked across all three networks in this country and is essentially rendered useless. >> australia's program is so successful that he has cut down thefts by 25%. yet when we ask the spokesperson for the u.s. carrier industry about it -- >> we don't believe it's feasible. there's a huge consumer nuisance factor as well. >> i believe the carriers and manufactures have a
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responsibility here and i believe that they are not doing what they should do because they are motivated by profit. >> despite his injuries and the loss of his ipod, he says he has no hard feelings. >> a person who wants to steal an ipod doesn't know the need there. had he asked me, i would have given it to him. >> in san francisco, grace lee, cbs 5. a man who stole from nu is behind bars. his sentencing is set for next month. the gang of three thieves shown in the muni security video was also prosecuted. to the cbs 5 weather center, we are dealing with the same storm that provided a punch earlier this morning. now, we'll be tracking a series of storms and why the fourth one will provide snow in the bay area and the day to expect it. asy witness news continues. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you have to go back to a couple years. last year was wet, 4 inches of rain in one day is substantial. this is the scene right now looking out towards the golden gate bridge. if you look carefully, you can see it's still slick. call on our radar so we can see if it's raining. no, the rain has now pushed due east towards the richmond bridge. plenty of rain fall. and the winds are blustery in that particular area, gusting up to 20 miles per hour. peninsula, some hopscotch. again, the other side of this coin happens to be the very gusty winds, but they are beginning to dial back now, six miles per hour in san jose, up to 25 at sfo with over 3 hour delay. this is your future cast. if you watch it carefully, this is the same system that has been lingering across the bay area all day long. it will still be bringing us rain showers for the morning commute. by the afternoon, we begin to see a little bit of a break
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with a hit and miss scattered shower before the second system rolls in on thursday. here's how we're playing it. this is number one. this is thursday, number two, and this is storm number three on friday, which merges with thursday. once it starts raining on thursday, it will continue to rain through our friday and appear as if it's one system. we'll see an additional 1 to 3 inches of rain. now meanwhile, tomorrow's temperatures, 56 to 62 degrees. the winds will be pretty much on the lighter side. rotating to the northeast 5 to 15 miles per hour. so here you have t. rain begins to develop again on thursday after a little bit of a break on wednesday. friday rain. saturday, that fourth storm has colder air mass and therefore lowering our snow levels down to 2,000 feet through sunday. cloud cover on monday and tuesday. that's the pinpoint forecast. dennis in sports coming up next. ♪
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i don't know, something tells me they're going to miss this guy. only time will tell. >> montae ellis is a highlight reel. nationally, locally, and the early returns warriors fans are
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not happy because of the health of their new center. warriors search for a center, but it did cost them montae ellis was traded to the milwaukee bucks. golden state -- the first pick in the 2005 nba draft. 40 picks higher than montae ellis. the australian is out with a broken foot. he could miss the rest of this season. warriors and kwame brown, and steven jackson in milwaukee. clay thompson had 14 points in his first career start against the kings. and davey at 17 points. wright hit 4 three pointers. he had 14 points. six warriors in double figures and they beat the kings by 26. third period, san jose lost it in overtime. 40 seconds to go. and there it is. they have a slim lead for the eighth and final spot. rogers rewarded by the 49ers
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today with a full year contract worth $31 million. rogers had a career year, six interceptions. he made the probowl last year. so this mr. rogers will be back in the neighborhood. up next, alex smith. i think alex smith is a done deal. they had to deal with rogers and randy moss yesterday. now comes smith. >> and march madness, cal plays tomorrow night. that's the playing game. that's the right to -- >> got to get in to get in. >> fill out your brackets. >> any favorite? >> you know, i did like syracuse until they lost their top player. i'm going to jump on the kentucky bandwagon and happen to be the number one overall seed. >> i'm taking the thousand to one shot and saying st. mary's. >> really? >> yeah. >> the emotional favorite. that's so sweet. ,,,,,,,,
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letterman in 5 minutes. all right, time right now for a special verison bracket show. >> and followed by david letterman. the verison 4g bracket preview show is sponsored by verison 4g lte. america's fastest 4g network. now on verison 4g lte network. four gigabytes for $40 a month. with four gigabytes, you can
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send and receive over 400,000 e- mails or stream over 1100 songs. 34 continuous days. all the data you need to power your favorite apps. four gigabytes for $40. now buy one samsung for $99.99 and get another one free. verison. you're watching the verison bracket preview show with o'ties livingston. >> welcome to the verison bracket preview show. this is head coach, tom, thanks for coming in. >> always a pleasure. >> we're going to break down the eastern bracket where sur cues where syracuse is the is the number one seed. >> during the loss, they are a special team. >> how do you think that will
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affect them? they were one of three number one seeds that didn't win their conference tournament. >> in that special way, i told you so, you know, listen to me and i think they are going to get their veteran back court back on track. >> who is the best player in the east bracket? >> i think jared is just incredible at ohio state. you know, you don't see many players do that. every player wants to turn up to the basket and nobody wants to do the dirty work. he is a beast around the basket. she a special player. >> he certainly is. what team might be a bracket buster and could surprise some teams in the east? >> obviously out of the atlantic ten. they won the conference tournament. and they beat some great teams going through it. remember andrew nicholson. 6'9". they shoot the ball well. both of their front court
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players are very skilled. >> when we return on the verison 4g lte bracket show, we'll tell you which game to watch. the bracket preview show is sponsored by verison 4g lte. america's fastest 4g network. welcome back to the verison 4g lte bracket preview show. matchup for you. >> you look at cincinnati,
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texas. think about playing in that game. cincinnati, texas, someone is going to lose and go home. two high powered teams. cincinnati playing so well. texas out of the conference. that's a great game to watch in the first round. >> in a perfect world, which matchup would you like to see? >> i like syracuse, florida state. florida state coming out and winning the acc conference. a florida state team has been tremendous defensively, now they can guard the basketball, play against the syracuse zone. i think it's a great matchup. >> and a tremendous amount of confidence coming into this tournament and winning that conference tournament. >> that's confident. you can play carolina the way they did, they are a good team. >> thanks a lot. for more coverage, check out the bracket preview show tomorrow afternoon at 1:00 p.m. eastern time live online at cbs local don't forget, live coverage of march madness begins thursday and friday on cbs.
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thursday's coverage begins at noon eastern with murray state and colorado state. starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern with wichita state and vcu. friday's coverage begins at noon in the east with that great cincinnati. while the night session kicks off with duke taking on. thanks for watching the bracket preview show. from tom, i'm otis livingston. we'll see you back here tomorrow night.


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